Stock Program
The newest addition to the 5B’s family of services is our 5B’s Stock Program! In order to make our customers’ lives easier we’ve teamed up with Fruit of the Loom/JERZEES so that we can warehouse their products right here in our facility for those customers looking for a one-stop shop, or one-invoice solution! Below are some of the awesome features that our stock program includes:
  • All of the products that we offer are warehoused right here in our facility! On average we carry over 270,000 units in our inventory and receive shipments weekly so that we’re always ready to accommodate you regardless of the quantity needed.
  • Our stock program is perfect for rush orders! With the goods housed right here in our facility we’re ready to meet your next event date as soon as a break down and art work is supplied.
  • All stock orders 72+ receive FREE SHIPPING! When you purchase your goods + printing directly from 5B’s we’ll ship your order using standard ground methods anywhere in the continental U.S. for FREE!
  • All stock orders also receive a NO SPOILAGE guarantee. If we find a defective shirt or there’s a miss print we’ll grab replacement shirts from our warehouse to ensure that all of your stock orders ship 100% complete.
  • Customers who choose to use our Stock Program also get access to an exclusive price sheet! When you purchase your goods + printing directly from 5B’s you’ll receive discounted printing prices and all underbase fees are waived! As always, all screen print orders at 5B’s have NO SCREEN CHARGES.
  • Utilizing our Stock Program also gives you access to exclusive promotions! 5B’s is known for running month long specials such as $0.10 PRINTS on your second location or $0.25 PRINTS on your first location! These promotions are often only redeemable when you purchase your goods + printing both from 5B’s. Check our Current Promotions tab out to see what 5B’s has going on now!
  • All of our goods are either Fruit of the Loom or JERZEES. We are currently carrying 17+ styles and 22+ colors.
  • The Stock Program is OPTIONAL. If you have a customer who is set on using a specific garment that we do not stock, you’re more than welcome to supply the goods and let us take care of the decorating for you!
Interested in 5B’s Stock Program?
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– Lee Biles, 5B’s Co-Founder